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The Things I'd Like To Say

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

circular mirror reflecting hand holding yellow & purple pansy and blue sky surrounded by yellow and green leaves
Photo Cred: Larisa Birta / Unsplash

I’d like to say to you, the things I’d like to say to myself.

You are worthy of a great life, regardless of what you’ve done, or haven’t yet.

You’ve got all the smarts, and then some, to accomplish exactly what you’re meant to while you’re here.

It’s ok to take a break, even when you feel like your whole life has become one big holding pen and you keep telling yourself: “I need to get going.”

Weight is fluid and changing. Like water, it finds its level.

Everything, absolutely everything, operates in an eternal state of change.

It’s not too late. It’s not over. You haven’t waited too long. It’s still your time.

It truly doesn't matter what you look like on paper. Print out a copy of your resume (or the twenty you printed out that you couldn’t use and don’t need) and burn it in a big metal trash can in the backyard.

Nobody is going to come knocking on your door and arrest you if you eat something other than a baby carrot.

Be weird. Be fucking weirder. That’s your element.

No one really knows how to do it right. There is no right.

Whatever you’re doing right now, is good enough. It’s valid. It’s worthy of pursuit. It’s possible.

That thing people tell you is elusive or hard or “one in a million”—isn’t.

Don’t fight the fairytale. It’s ok if it’s easy for you. You don’t have to make it hard to show others you’ve earned it more. You’re deserving, period.

Not everything has to be fucking brilliant. There is a place for all of it. That’s why reality TV exists.

Just write.

Boil it down to basics and hone that with gentle consistency. Let your process be led by joy and void of expectation.

Release that pressure valve and let out steam in every way that helps your spirit soar.

Small actions can generate BIG, Happy emotions.

You deserve to feel sexy and free and successful and adored. That’s your birthright, B.

You are beautiful, even though you clench up when you say it to yourself. That will get easier, just like everything else in your life.

Don’t go anywhere just yet.

We need you.

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