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let's do things differently

A SelfLoving Session gives love to areas where you may feel disconnected from yourself.

  • If the needs of your body are on the back burner, we find doable ways to give it lovin' on the daily.

  • If you feel overwhelmed, stuck or confused in your business, we focus on making the things you love most and come the easiest, the foundation of your success.

  • If you're stagnating or can't seem to shake self-sabotage, we love the true You to the surface so you can celebrate yourself now and move forward with flow.

By giving you my focused, unconditional love and attention, together we 

  1. Change the convo from: What am I able to do? To: What do I want to do?

  2. Clear fears, blocks and insecurities so you can confidently take the next step.

  3. Create a SelfLoving Action Plan made up of Flow Steps (inspired actions) that you can do right now, with what ya've got.


This is your time to feel valued, cherished, adored, honored and Loved. You're So Freaking Worth It! 

Our 1-hr session includes:

  • Mini Clearing + Energy Shifting

  • Clarifying Q+A

  • Flow Steps to help you move forward pronto.

lotsa love aAkhjpio ~elyse

A focused session to cultivate SelfLove in the areas that mean the most to you. We brainstorm Flow Steps (intuitive actions) that help you build healthy momentum from whe...
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