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Shifting The Cycle With SelfLove

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

orange cat sleeping on blue yoga mat
Photo Cred: Sweetyoga Justine / Unsplash

We generally feel like everyone else “has it together.”

Everyone except us.

We’re not “committed enough,” “disciplined enough,” “knowledgeable enough.” We haven’t bought the course yet or read the book. We quit the program halfway through. Every year, when the dentist rolls around and we’ve still failed to floss, we wonder where our efforts fizzled out. How Day 16 of the 30-Day Yoga Challenge ended up the dropping off point.

Instead of gaining speed, we lost momentum altogether.

We beat ourselves up:

Before we start -

Because we haven't begun yet. Can’t work up the "motivation."

When we start -

Because the results remain unseen or yet to be realized. We assume we’re doing it wrong or simply not good enough. Maybe we hustle more - making it miserable. Or we quit and get down on ourselves.

When we stop.

Simultaneously comforting and punishing with donuts or copious amounts of cheese. Now deflated and bloated, we derail completely for quite some time.

Until . . .

We tire of blaming ourselves or get fed up enough to brave another attempt. Give it another go.

Rinse and repeat - the cycle begins again.

How can we shake up the pain and disappointment, the gung-ho start and the absolute derail?

What if we applauded ourselves relentlessly and consistently catalogued the good?

Instead of results: Seek FeelGood. Capture it. Relish it.

When we veer the opposite way, let’s nudge it back to the better-feeling path. Celebrating the sloppiness, the winding-ness . . . Lift the expectations off the outcome so it can surprise us in the best of ways.

Let’s forget about who said what. So we can experience it fully the first time, every time.

Let’s do it for love, because we always deserve it from ourselves.

And when it gets confusing, strained or not-so-fun, find that inner tickle that says, Yes.

Flip the switch, follow the sign and keep on going, because every point along the path is the perfect place to start again.


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