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Dec 2023

1000 Feelings for Which There Are No Names by Mario Giordano Illustrated by Ray Fenwick

Dec 2023

Have you ever felt an emotion with such specificity and intensity there wasn’t a single word that could do it justice? Mario Giordano takes that very experience and multiplies it by 1000 Feelings for Which There Are No Names. This is a playful, creative opus of emotionality that will have you nodding and maybe even chuckling in the acknowledgment: “I know that feeling!”

This book makes a great Secret Santa or White Elephant gift, coffee table book, travel companion, self-exploration tool or source of journaling prompts. Illustrations by Ray Fenwick bring these feelings to life. A validating read for sensitives & HSPs who feel all the feelz 120% of the time, but relaxing, joyful and relatable for anyone with a beating heart inside human skin.

This is the SelfLoving Sisterhood December Pick—our final read of 2023! Wishing you lightness, breath and peace during what can be a bustling time of year for many. We hope this read is a fun smile generator to ease stress, pass time and remind us of the commonalities of the human experience.

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