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Clear, Concise, Expressive Copy

in a cinch!

As a freelance copywriter, I helped entrepreneurs, authors, small businesses and job hunters express themselves in writing. I've seen firsthand how, with a bit of guidance, you can learn to express your vision as beautifully as you feel it.

When I realized I wanted to help female entrepreneurs powerfully and genuinely express themselves in writing - instead of doing it for them - I took off my copywriter hat and donned a copyeditor cape. 

You already know what you want to say, you've got all the heart + expertise required! 

My intuitive talent merely brings the very best out of your one-of-a-kind message. ​ 

The CopyEdit Power Hour is Designed to: 

  • finesse existing copy so it's clear, concise & expressive 

  • make your message easily digestible 

  • re-work &/or organize concepts for max effectiveness ​​

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How It Works

  1. Book your session below. (Allow at least 48 hours before our scheduled session.) 

  2. Submit your writing. Email the copy you want reviewed [Word Doc or Pages format] to elyse@elysehughes.com

  3. Check-in. I'll give you a ring to glean any clarification needed and get a feel for what you're wanting. 

  4. Review. All on my end! I'll comb your copy and provide effective, elevating editing. 

  5. Collaborate. We come together for a 30-Minute Review Session (via phone) to cover tweaks and make additional enhancements. 


Your CopyEdit Power Hour Includes

  • 1 hour of my CopyEditing services. Any copy I'm not able to edit in that time will be left as-is.

  • 30-Minute Review Session via phone. So we can both show up in pajamas and I can focus on honing your edits. 

       *Additional editing can be acquired by booking another power hour.

1 hour of CopyEditing services. 30-Minute Review Session (via phone). *Additional editing can be acquired by booking another Power Hour.
30 min
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Magic is made.

Writing shines the brightest when the ideas and specific sayings are your own.

People translate the energy of the words more than the letters themselves.

When your experience, your heart and your brilliance live inside the message,

your words are felt

That's why I created the CopyEdit Power Hour ~

To help entrepreneurs and small businesses authentically express themselves in writing.

It's simple, straightforward and stress-free. 

I can help you:

  1. Keep Your Writing Integrity Intact. This way, the message and vibe is totally unique to you!

  2. Tweak To Shine. ​I shake on the sparkle, lightly editing for clarity, elevation and flow. 

  3. Make Your Message Clear. I give you pointers on how to heighten your language and seamlessly get your point across. 

  4. Offer Fresh Perspective. After your eyeballs cross from reading your draft a million times, I can take a first look. As an outsider, I can easily spot areas we can enhance.  

  5. Heal Writer's Block. If you're grinding on a concept and it's just not coming to life the way you want, I offer suggestions to help you break through and bring it forth.

  6. Amplify Your Talent. Learn to communicate your message much more powerfully than you can by repeatedly paying someone to do it for you. You are what makes your writing great.

  7. Be More Yourself. Fuck fill-in-the-blank, copy templates. People can smell unoriginal bullshit from outer space. This is an opportunity to trust yourself, say exactly what you want to say, the way you want to say it and celebrate the fulfillment that authenticity ensures. 


Feeling confident in your writing voice, while being true to who you are

is the magic mix for aligning with souls that need to experience your message most.

I'm ready to give you feedback, support, encouragement, insight and shine so you can

find ease in your writing process and feel great about your message.

lotsa love afjipza~elyse

1 hour of CopyEditing services. 30-Minute Review Session (via phone). *Additional editing can be acquired by booking another Power Hour.
30 min
By entering in your info, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy.