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Cut Writing Time in Half

before you even start!

Time, Money & Energy are some of our most precious currencies as entrepreneurs. We don't want to pour all our resources into any one thing, because there's a shitload we gotta do! So, how do we manage when the website needs a revamp, the next online course is calling or our newest offering could greatly benefit from a tailored email automation? The copy has to be written. It takes time. And if you have a little help from a copywriter or editor, it costs money. Most likely, a whole lotta energy goes into it, too. 


When we're juggling a million tasks and stress is running high, getting in the zen zone headspace to create something incredible can be as elusive as the wolverine (this is a real animal (not only an X-Men badass) and, yes, it's quite elusive). 

Writing doesn't have to siphon all your precious entrepreneurial resources. With a little creative planning, collaborative brainstorming and copy savvy, you can dramatically cut your writing time, save some money on future editing and actually enjoy the creative process.

Let me be your sounding board. 

The Copy Consult is Designed to: 

  • dramatically cut your writing time before you even start

  • lessen your workload by clearly laying out the copy you need to write (it's usually less than you think!)

  • help you gain message & brand clarity so you save time + dollars on future editing

  • offer guidance & feedback on everything from concept to style

  • give you an infusion of umph! so you can feel inspired, focus in and start writing

Website Copy

Blog Posts



About Pages

Online Courses

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How It Works

  1. Book your session below. (Allow at least 24 hours before our scheduled session.) 

  2. Provide background. Gimme the 411--what you're creating, who for, your vision, etc. 

  3. Collaborate. We come together for a 1-hour Consult (via phone) to clarify your strategy and lay out the copy you'll need to write. 


Your Copy Consult Includes

Cut your writing time in half before you even start with a 1 hour sounding board + strategy session (via phone).
1 hr
By entering in your info, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy. 

Let's Talk Copy

and make a plan

Writing shines the brightest when the ideas and specific sayings are your own.

People translate the energy of the words more than the letters themselves.

When your experience, your heart and your brilliance live inside the message,

your words are felt

That's why I created the Copy Consult ~

To help entrepreneurs and small businesses authentically express themselves in writing, in less time, with less money, and in a way that they actually enjoy it!

It's simple, straightforward and stress-free. 

I can help you:

  1. Keep Your Writing Integrity Intact. This way, the message and vibe is totally unique to you!

  2. Clarify Copy Strategy. Aka figuring out what blank spaces need to be filled with words. Often, we can express more with less - you might be surprised at how a little pre-planning can dramatically lessen your writing workload and save you tons of time.

  3. Make Your Message Clear. I reflect back your biggest strengths, selling points and brightest passions so your message is felt.

  4. Offer Fresh Perspective. It can get muddy in the midst of things. As an objective outside observer of your content, I'm able to offer you insights otherwise unavailable. 

  5. Heal Writer's Block. If you're grinding on a concept and it's just not coming to life the way you want, I offer suggestions to help you break through and bring it forth.

  6. Amplify Your Talent. Learn to communicate your message much more powerfully than you can by repeatedly paying someone to do it for you. You are what makes your writing great.

  7. Be More Yourself. Fuck fill-in-the-blank, copy templates. People can smell unoriginal bullshit from outer space. This is an opportunity to trust yourself, say exactly what you want to say, the way you want to say it and celebrate the fulfillment that authenticity ensures. 


Feeling confident in your writing voice, while being true to who you are

is the magic mix for aligning with souls that need to experience your message most.

I'm ready to give you feedback, support, encouragement, insight and umph! so you can

find ease in your writing process and feel great about your message.

lotsa love afjipza~elyse

Cut your writing time in half before you even start with a 1 hour sounding board + strategy session (via phone).
1 hr
By entering in your info, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy.