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elyse, lover of all things little

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Everything you read here and in my books is inspired by my whacky + winding journey of SelfLove, misadventure and trying to make it. The writing is a little (there it is), well, you'll have to tell me--

cat lady, spirit sprinkled, emotion-centric, transformational (too haughty?), and most hopefully, genuine. 

This third person bio (obviously and awkwardly written by me, little e) will tell you that elyse is a micro blogger, big blogger, aspiring podcaster and first time author. In her TEDx, Learn to love your ugly bits, she shares how she overcame a debilitating skin condition and constant self-hate to step on the path of an extraordinary life. But her greatest achievement is Mama of an Insta-worthy panda cat, oh, and--keeping 200+ houseplants alive'n'thriving. 

Image by Lauren Mancke
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