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"Have the courage to be unapologetically you. It inspires others to do the same."

~ Mary Robie 

My career as a writer began in third grade. We'd be given an assignment sheet with out-of-the-box questions and three to five blank lines of answer space. I'd spew stories that dripped into the margins and shot up the sides of the page, with arrows signaling "Flip over, there's more!" Today, my process is much the same, with the added benefit of a MacBook Pro and limitless typing space.  


Everything I write, create and share is an exploration of my own journey of living inspired, dreaming HUGE, starting again (and again and again . . . ), feeling free, having fun and loving who I am. Plus all the sloppy mess that goes on in between all that enlightened being shit. I've ridden the emotionally-stunting waves of abuse, chronic dis-ease, financial struggle ~ and all along the way I've banked miracles.

Radiant glimpses of my own power, light and brilliance. 

I author books, speak and work with women 1-on-1, in harmonious discovery of who we are and what we're capable of. Encouraging others to get started, stay inspired and love themselves along the way is a Gift.

A Passion.

A SelfLoving Sisterhood.



"You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love."

~ Jim Carrey

After a string of soul-numbing J.O.B.s and flatlining entrepreneurial pursuits, I stepped back from my hard hustle and started writing. My first (soon-to-be-released) book, Trying To Make It, is me taking a chance on doing what I love. Bursting with personal experiences that shift conventional ideas about success, business and SelfLove, it's a universal call to ditch the reality and live the dream. This means seeing beyond circumstances, prioritizing our joy and giving ourselves permission to do things differently. 

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